Anastasia sia

anastasia sia

Über Sia. Ich heiße Anastasia (kurz SIA), bin in den 30ern und wohne mit meinem Mann im schönen Stuttgart. Meine Leidenschaft für das Kochen und Backen. Erkunde Graf von Bayerns Pinnwand „anastasia sia“ auf Pinterest. | Weitere Ideen zu Anastasia, Lilie und Fotografie. Mit dem wunderbar schönen Kind ANASTA- SIA, das mit Fug und Recht heurathen kann, wenn es will, so rasch steht dessen südlicher Wuchs in Blüthe, hab ich.

sia anastasia - any more

Das ist mein Hobby, mein Ausgleich und darin gehe ich auf. Schaue mich gleich hier noch etwas weiter um und lasse dir herzliche Grüsse da. April um Alles Liebe weiterhin für Dich und wir alle freuen uns über jedes neue Rezept von Dir. Tolle Bilder - Bleib einfach dran, auch mit Deinen Bildern!! Deshalb können wir für diese fremden Inhalte auch keine Gewähr übernehmen. Ich freue mich sehr über liebe Kommentare von Euch: Ich freu mich auf deine Besuche: LG, Miri von www. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Anastasia Sia anzeigen.

We must hope that it will add others. She has her own website?! It is a damn good movie and set, since these are screenshots.

But why do you minus my post? My criticism was not directed towards Anastasia but on the scenario of this video.

There is more glamor than a billiard table. Looking at the image, it would seem more a video than a set. Uhm, at Met-Art that is.

Just to have that clear. A great day for fans of retired models. She is here too: I have just removed a number of them.

Lets get ontopic and talk our lovely model. BTW, who is the real loser? A loser that dream about a beautiful woman or a loser that need to read a bunch of comments from losers half way!

Or maybe a loser is who actually played and lost. I could only read half way up from the bottom the comments about this model. It is clear that there are a LOT of losers here who have no clue what to do with a woman.

Sia89 is her real Instagram account.. She speaks 3 or 4 languages fluently. Does anyone know when her real birthday is? Some websites say May 11 while others say November 5.

If you look at her sets it is obvious, that this set is an older one, but not as old as most of the other EA-sets.

I would suggest a shooting for it. She then made another maritime set named Brine for Met-Art and it seems to fit chronologically. And regardless what any site says at any time, Guerlain was born in and so her age in every year of every calendar is quite easy to find out.

The shooting dates of several sets instead are miracles sometimes. Agree with you, we find the Guerlin we worship. Good day to you.

But nonetheless it is a fantastic surprise to see, that there are still sets to be released. I was stunned by surprise.

On Her Own is still one of her sexiest videos. Makes her look like a beautiful milf. If you want i can text it.

You see the other video, backstage? Here is the link vk. You mean the video from wowgirls? If so, no nothing similar.

Are you talking about "The Bare Truth" from Diesel? Well, a nice movie, but if waiting for her talking it is barely worth the wait.

I know i have it Pictures of Natalia on Femjoy are beautiful and rather "hot". It remains my favorite model. Critics and nonsense are very different things, that was the reason of my post.

Yes, in 10 years she will be a star, at least for some of us, because, as you said models are so easily replaced, competition is very high.

I get on with you and you are one of the few people objective in this blog , sure , apart from the webmaster that must enforce the rules.

None here is speaking about the private of this girl and as far I am concerned i do not care about others life unless they are not people with whom I have relations in reality.

To be a star - apart from glory - can be very demanding as well , especially when your fans are criticizing you You are a real star when 10 years later or even more many people will be still talking about you.

All these naked model, glamour models wannabe are only good looking girls with a natural predisposition to show off their naked bodies or even to simulate a sexual intercourse and when they will leave, none will be missing them As for plastic surgery Just clearing some facts.

Big hug to all. The fact to have her support and cooperation to the group. Not "one more group" about her. You did the right stuff to remove my previous post and I beg pardon if if had violated your rules.

Some porno stars can also have beautiful gestures, but, to work at Broadway is another thing Just take a look at some Digital Playground movie where many porno stars look like Hollywood celebrities Though, if she was really so special do not you think that some real talent scout not the usual amateurish stuff could have noticed her in order to make some of different that to always show her body naked or , lately, to masturbate her self?

Of course, if you think that to open legs is a form of art, I do not have nothing else to add. One of your posts was removed because it was closed to insulting than to giving a form of feedback.

But like you, I also prefer models natural and would advice them to stay natural, as I often see a negative result of plastic surgery.

Respect that, or find another model. Personally, I think Anastasia is pretty unique as a model. She can perform as a leading role in music clips, photo shoots, sport videos etc.

I get on with you , and i would like to add: She is not classy and she often wears cheap female items Someone coul think that I am envious or something like that.

My answer is very easy: I am not because of many reasons. Regarding her plastic surgery , she should stop , or , within 10 years she might look like the Parthenon.

Since so many people here is debating about here , Miss Anastasia I hope that she has finally chosen a definitive nickname should at least to get into this blog and to say a big thank you to everyone who is in love with her censored Goodbye guys!

My previous post was censored, probably I went too far, but , I was only telling the truth. Most people are still looking for her " old photos " i,e, when she was still natural and not a whole of chemical stuff.

As far I am concerned she is extremely " overrated " and apart from Metart in the sites where she has made her last " hot " photo and videos Playboyplus and babes.

You are in VK? She used to be more cute than beautiful but still beautiful. And now, she looks more beautiful than cute. I did not have it, yet. They reveal the updates of the next two days with one pic each.

Regarding her hair length it is shot after the babes. So somewhen in While we wait I want to share this short precious video: Yes but remember you have to vote every 24 hours, for a week!

The last time the video won but with the risk to lose! I share your view, especially as the video is shorter than the first half. For cons, I find more sensual.

As a VIP member, I have access to the complete video is beautiful. Unfortunately, its duration does not exceed 13 minutes, which is well short.

New Anastasia video at sexykanda www. Excuse me, without being a member, even the extract can be watched. In the excerpt, Lili masturbates but is more sensual than in the first video.

It think she is ;- www. But you not give any proof to us. If is true, say what set is and for what company is it. Or you are just a troll.

You have to accept She do whatever She wants. You can think what you want, but in fact these talkings are nonsense. Art nude model,erotic model, softcore model and hardcore model.

She is a model in art nude and erotic. She is not a porn actress its true but she works with explicit porngrafic content you have to accpet this. By the way i agree that is not necessary post here our dreams altought i have sure that everyone has sexual fantasies with her.

New video of her on stasyQ stasyq. About the name, the change is due to Nastik request. About the photos, i can try to ask her for them and post on the group.

If you can, post a coment asking for that. Here is a valid link to canvin photography - www. Canvins site is out of reach at the moment.

In his last mail and on his site he says he will give access to his site somewhere in the future, but he never answered to my last inquiries.

But be sure, I will inform here instantly. So many mistakes in these last messages: Are you sure this is the right link?

Calvin shoots only weddings? When and where he posted photo shoots with Aleksa Slusarchi? What you said grew my hunger as well.

Well, seems you have better contacts and luck than me: Also if you can, would you keep us informed if there iaresome news? His site seems to be missing.

I visited it via cache a few weeks ago, but now it is gone. Where have you lost me? And I think I lost you somewhere.. But you negotiated with Canvin Can I ask for a link to this site?

He is still adding new sets, for example he added sets with Aleksa Slusarchi, so the worth of his site is growing and my hunger to get access grows exponentially.

Thank you very much. He always plans, but never does. I myself am after these shoots for a long time, often contacted him, but he always says the same: Speaking of serious things, I noticed that on the official group vk.

But in that image she appears as Nastik Kitsan, not Anastasia P as before. Do you know if there is a new canvin site? Or where we the material could be available?

Or could you provide any reliable link or contact? I could die wating: Yes, you said what I was about to wrote.

But I would add: Also, I like how you Europeans can handle a joke. Probably you are right , but , in a whole of lies there is always something of true and vice versa.

Regarding the people who have broadcast such kind of " news " , unluckily , the net is too wide to be properly monitored.

Have a good day. Rumors about her alleged shooting at spreading porn lustful idiots, not having anything to do with her.

Every time they register here and spread their tales. Someone could think that I am Jealous or envious: I like cute women.

She has already worked for babes. Later she will say in her models - or something like that- website: I am an international model and i was an actress too: She could be a good MILF too, though.

Sometime it looks like a Goebbels pussy propaganda about a normal girl who is only talented to show her naked body and to behave like a model wannabe.

Once again my apologies to all. Again advertising their groups in discussions There and advertise yourself in your community. And here is a discussion Guerlain.

Hi to everyone, Official Fan Page vk. Have her approval and support!!! This is the one I was talking about www. Of course She is.

Of course, only if enough people vote it on the site And if you do it, remember that it is necessary vote not jusr one time but every 24 hours.

Your notices are always right then, for you, do you think that Guerlain will continue to make videos as that for Babes.

Thank you and good day to you. How could I express my marvel for the grace, beauty and sweetness of The Lady? I am usually not that much of a fan of playboyplus, but with Guerlain!

But the will return, maybe next November? They always come back. All right with you, Guerlain is the pen name which suits him her best and to whom which we are most used.

Good day to all. Yes, I know that, but nonetheless she decided to use the name years ago and she never used it again. From all of her aliases Guerlain is the most charming, and most used as you said right.

I think this change was made in a rush and should be thought about. Although most of her work is under the name "Guerlain". Also because I imagine I could guess who wrote those word.

Anyway, I think you are a very reliable source here. In truth I know nothing. I just try to inform myself. I beg your pardon for the misunderstanding.

I share your opinion notice , this video is magnificent. For what reasons would it be the last one? Would she it stop putting resting,posing?

Thank you for being anxious me to inform. Her new video on playboy is just One of Her best so far. But hope never dies I meant the web version " Playboyplus ", the real playboy US as well as other editions Italy, Netherland, Germany, France, etc are still very good magazines e-magazines too they do not broadcast only girls who open legs to show the pussy as well as recycled models at the end of career.

The actual playmates looks like cheap Vegas lap dancers, apart from some models who are still natural and not bionic baby dolls or Hollywood stars wannabe.

Some of her new pictures were published at her bf website www. So little chance for you to meet her unless you are a famous photographer. You are probably talking to a uni student maybe a guy whose work is to send you messages, chat with you and make you buy presents.

When you buy flowers the agency calls the real girl to show up and takes a picture with flowers same flowers used by several girls.

Sorry to burst your bubble but you are not talking to any met-art model. Is it just me or does the 69 on the end sound stupid and unbelievable.

Maybe if you were able to post a profile page or profile pictures it would help your case but I doubt you could. I even seen her on webcam. To end this discussion in peace: I meet Guerlain every saturday evening in a bar around the corner at my place.

My dearest friend Caprice brings her thereon her motor bike. Guerlains hair looks so beautiful, every time she removes her helmet.

Why am I not surprised with this answer. Is even mentioning the name of those dating sites too much to ask? Nobody is asking for links to any girls profile.

On Ebi you at least have a thread which particularly deals with porngirl Escorts. Too much blablabla without EVER getting concrete.

There are too many dreamers here. She asks for participants for a gangbang. Your question was deleted because 1 it was a question on a later removed comment part of another user and 2 because reactions on that part may result in rule violations.

I agree with you that moderation at indexxx could have been better and faster. Indexxx is pretty strict in the rules compared to other adult forums.

Yet some users think we are not strict enough while others think we are too strict. Guerlain has a boyfriend now.. What vague dating sites are all you guys talking about?

I have a photo from when I sent her flowers.. I have met a few metart models on dating sites.. I asked Genevanights an obvious question based on his boastful post, but you deleted my question.

You have let trolls and certain providers clutter it up. Especially the part emphasizing the Girls shoe brand gave it away.

Did you just read a romantic short story from a cheap chick mag from your sister or mom, while taking a challenging dump? Surely a guy knowing her and still being in touch with her now and then, would a not tell these kind of stories on a public porn forum about her.

Thanks for the laughs. On a dating site???? And indeed, she is a wonderful human being: Beige shoes with white pants? I thought the Swiss were a civilised nation.

We had a great time. She loves to drink Ciroc tonic water with lime twist. I remember her outfit so well - white flowing half top, white pants, and beige Christian Louboutins.

Her perfume was mesmerizing and laugh was intoxicating. She had this habit of curling the corner of her mouth when she danced. I was fortunate enough to meet her one-on-one a few times, but it did not amount to anything since i travel alot for work.

She is funny and a real sweetie.. Blacky I have been chating with her for over a year Tell me, for what i gather from talking with her, she looks like a very kind, polite, sweet and simple girl After days of shooting I felt in love with her.

What a wonderful girl! Beautiful in every sense. The English in this board makes my head hurt! You sentence is illogical , and you seem so pissed off.

Take some valium and , maybe , keep an unique nickname here During fashion shows a mannequin has to work till I am a professional free lancer DJ - the nickname is not my own name - and when I have to entertain people both famous and common people frankly speaking, I do not care about what they could do later.

There are young girls who can offer an oral service for a trendy smartphone or for a pair of Prada stilettos and on Monday they are regularly attending a University lesson or to work like shop assistant Regarding Miss Guerlain, as far I am concerned she is not the usual " static " naked model and she shows a good dose of personality, though, I doubt she might make a porno movie, because, she would put in the trash above 7 years of successful career Your thinking is pathetic as you are Her personal life is her personal business.

No one doubts that she has sex. The dialogue was about something else. Learn to read, boy Horny. Bla bla bla bla, in the end every girl looks best when she has a dick in her mouth.

I completely agree with ChoReb. If she wanted to act, she would have starred in porn. She knows her worth and not stoop down to such.

And never will be. You should not believe on the word of her envious. I do not imagine Guerlain to make a porn video with his her boyfriend.

In his her,its video of masturbation we did not feel smell her it very comfortable. I do not think that she it will go beyond. I believe you and I appreciate your genuine passion towards her.

You are a polite and well-mannered people who is never arrogant or even offensive towards other users people who offend via internet are mostly moron whose brain and penis are the same thing You could be the perfect moderator in this blog, really.

I see her different. She was in a music video years ago, where I was stunned by her mimical talent. I see that in many of her photo sets at Diesel, too.

I must confess, that I saw her at first sight as a glamour model, beautiful but without edges, but since I saw this video, I looked at her photo sets in a different way.

She performs character expressions, which are seldom to be seen in the business. I regret, that no european dramatic director hired her for a movie.

But then again, maybe just the adoring eyes of mine Regarding Fashion Industry, yes it can happen that some low quality agencies or even some professional photographer wannabe can say: Regarding Guerlain is it his definitive name?

Yes, the world is a harsh place and beauty is just beauty in pixels or on celluloid? But what was the point of this discussion again?

I missed it somewhere yesterday. When it comes to drugs and sex, modelling industry puts music industry into shame. Sex and drugs are a norm.

Believe me, even your favorite models were doing it. Get used to it. In this blog there are more posts about her possible porno movie with his Photographer boy friend " that stress " than her pussy shots , though, she is getting annoying and to dedicate to something of more constructive.

Someone has told that she is a model? Models have to wear dresses and not to take off them and to make gynecological poses in front a camera.

Thanks God is only fiction, but, it can easily happen that if in Porno Industry a white actress does not want to make a porno movie with a black man she will be considered " racist " or even mobbed.

Thank you for your comment. Every year the same procedure. I met her on a dating site over two years ago.. Yes I sent her flowers and got a photo with the flower delivery..

She will not do porn. Today when we were in the shooting I asked her if it was in her plans and she laughed about it.

She never considered the idea of making porn. I have been working for 12 years in the photography industry and you seldom can find a girl like this.

Again came the trolls with their stupid dreams of a porn movie Yep I was joking, but, I can not stop to laugh if someone says that she is a teeny: I told MILF cos she looks like a friend of mine who is her same age , but, she does not show pussy or she is willing to make a porno movie with her man in order to restore their chalet in the mountains.

She could be a good MILF in porno industry. I dunno, maybe they are aspiring to look like Hollywood barbie girls Regarding Guerlain, probably she is gonna develop some project and she needed cash I only hope that she will spend her money just for herself.

Good cars, especially M3 or M6 cabrio , but, a man who does have so expensive cars , usually, does have sex in private with his woman: I can understand that you " sincerely " like Guerlain not only for her body , but, for her way too, so, I totally respect your ideas.

I also have my favorite in adult entertainment system, and, despite all they are only normal girls with their ups and downs.

Regarding Diesel, you know better than me that it is a huge fashion company and usually they look for models via " specialized " agencies and frankly speaking - of course I do not have any evidence - it sounds strange that Guerlain might have refused to a possible contract, besides, a model must be tall at least cm and they must follow many rules.

A friend of mine worked like model for Diesel and she told me that it was a very hard work and she had to travel almost everyday with a consequent lack of free time.

Guerlain is very gracious and I would add she can be extremely classy too, and she is still of the most requested erotic model and I am sure that her real fans - you are the typical example , will think: Ouch I apologize for my biblical style post!

Thanks for your time. I think about a fitting answer to this dumb question for days now and yours is a very very good one and good on many different levels.

And it is a bitter answer at the same time. I remember Diesel saying once, they offered her a very high amount of money and she refused.

My fantasy she could do it now, out of reasons much less understandable than a high amount of money makes me sad.

Guerlain is the most perfect and adorable solo performer and she could be a legend for that. I still hope it will stay that way.

Here I have got the homepage: Someone else gave a link to that site at Sasha P. So I watch there every now and then and get interesting previews.

Mostly they have already existing sets, but Lol that has chosen to make one or even more porno video Boring and often recycled content. Earned and done well.

Congrats and stay that way. Hyaluronic acid in her lips I deal with Pharma and it seems she keeps going to wear warm legs to hide too muscular calfs - she has got football player calfs.

I sow the video where she masturbate - lack of passion - and I dunno if she will make an unforgettable porno video, though, I respect her, but, i think it is stupid to make a porno movie at the end of your http: Other sites vk etc.

I like the older ones.. I would like to smell her hands after masturbation. I think it has to do with pheromones. Guys what was the smell of her hands?

Her lips look xxxxxx. In her instagram you have the part of her life she likes to show updated. I have no problems with her new lips.

I never understand why someone so beautiful as Guerlain tries to change something, but I do not dislike her in any way because of the result.

The beautiful Guerlain — finally — plays with her lovely pussy on camera! On what site will make t-elle this hardcore movie with his her boyfriend and when?

I share largely your reflection but it is necessary to admit that the videos of Guerlain became repetitive. Already being "inflated" lips, she it operated a first change, which is not openly frankly a success.

She it was much more beautiful previously. I agree with you when you mention a lack of emotion in this video, but for its defense, it was the first time when she it was so confidentially engaged surrendered in the objective.

I do not know what she it plans to make afterward but I do not imagine him it to go until the hardcore with a man. Maybe a lesbian video but is bisexual?

Good evening to you. Well, for my taste and in an artistic point of view this new development is not soo appealing.

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Anastasia Sia Video

Anastasia Sia - Слепая любовь... Between, about what hsv spiel video from femjoy are you talking, never heard of that? Just take a look at some Digital Playground movie where many porno stars look like Hollywood celebrities And if people ask for humiliation, facebook diferent grades of respect, they will sell us these things. As such, I was not disappointed yet. Formel 1 punktesystem she needed money, she would go on to star in softcore and solo porn, if you revel casino news 2019 good money that can be in porn. Thank you a lot Jrbob1 for you patient i appreciate it a lot! To be a star - apart from glory - can be very demanding as wellespecially when your fans are criticizing you I appreciate your comments that I find interesting. Tell me, for what i gather from talking with her, she looks like sunmaker,com very kind, polite, sweet and simple girl She was born in Prague on July 6,

Anastasia sia - excellent

Soweit auf unseren Seiten personenbezogene Daten beispielsweise Name, Anschrift oder eMail-Adressen erhoben werden, erfolgt dies, soweit möglich, stets auf freiwilliger Basis. Liebe Sia, Du bist sicher die Traumfrau eines jeden Mannes!!! Denn ich liebe Madeleines, Zimt, Marzipan, und Mandeln. Ich komm bald wieder, denn es gefällt mir sehr hier! Anastasia Sia ist bei Facebook. Danke liebe Liselotte, das freut mich juegos de casino gratis online sehr: Ich freue mich auf deine künftigen Besuche! Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Anastasia Sia anzeigen. Bei uns roch es so oft, so gut daheim Zum Inhalt springen Menü. Ich freu mich auf deine Besuche: Du bist wunderschön und kannst auch noch wunderbar http: Liebe Miri, ich freue mich sehr, dass du hierher gefunden hast und es dir hier gefällt: Dezember um LG, Miri von www. Ui du kommst auch aus dem Ländle? Kategorien rival casino spiele online casino sportwetten casino spiele um echtes geld kostenlos spiele casino. Anastasia Sia ist bei Facebook. Liebe Miri, ich freue mich sehr, dass du hierher gefunden hast und es dir hier gefällt: Mai um Heute kommen Chocoholics voll tipps und tricks furs casino ihre Kosten! Bei Bekanntwerden no deposit casino bonus latvia Rechtsverletzungen werden anastasia sia derartige Timber jack umgehend entfernen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Anastasia Sia und anderen Nutzern, die spielen online kostenlos ohne anmeldung kennst, zu vernetzen. Ich lese mit Freude und Ehrfurcht Deine wunderbaren Trauminsel casino und schaue bremer reihe die schönen Bilder dazu an. Soweit auf unseren Seiten personenbezogene Daten beispielsweise Name, Anschrift oder eMail-Adressen erhoben werden, erfolgt dies, soweit, stets auf freiwilliger Basis. Liebe Miri, hsv spiel freue mich sehr, dass site de casino live hierher gefunden hast und es dir hier gefällt: Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Anastasia Sia anzeigen. Liebe Sia, du hast einen wundervollen Blog! Tritt Facebook beium dich mit Anastasia Sia s.o. deutsch anderen Personen, die du kennen könntest, zu. November um

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